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From organizations to communities. From simple to complex.


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Complex Problem Solving

X4's strengths-based ROCKit program helps communities solve complex problems in relational ways.  From homelessness to childcare, our model combines existing resources and assets in different ways to produce new innovations and insights. 

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Strategic Consulting

X4's health care subject matter experts provide strategic advice and guidance to a range of healthcare organizations, ensuring they achieve ambitious goals.

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Creating the Conditions for Change

X4's 3rd Conversation program strengthens relationships, builds trust, and creates bi-directional empathy among patients, clinicians and C-Suite leaders, enabling health care organizations to achieve institutional priorities better and faster. 

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Project Acceleration

X4's project acceleration services help organizations expand their healthcare initiatives, and achieve project goals faster, creating results that deliver long-term benefits that outlast the term of the projects. 


How We Work

Our world is rife with challenges. While it’s tempting to want to take them all on, X4 is relentless about only accepting work that aligns with our four success factors

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