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We are obsessed with making our world a better a place.

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Christine Bechtel


Christine is a skilled leader and strategist with experience developing and overseeing complex projects, managing social impact campaigns funded by the nation's largest philanthropies, and developing innovative, real world solutions for intractable challenges. While not traveling for work, she enjoys the alleged "peace and focus" of golf.

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Jen  Sweeney


Jen is a patient advocate, author, and trained leadership coachShe has extensive expertise engaging patients and families in health care redesign, designing impactful multi-stakeholder processes, creating resources for lay audiences, and leading social impact campaigns. Jen enjoys playing tennis, skiing and hiking with her family, and practicing Spanish and French.

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Colleen McNally


Colleen is a clinician with quality improvement expertise. She uses strategic thinking to create systems and processes to manage complex projects, set priorities, conduct organizational 

and stakeholder assessments, sense making of information and landscape reviews. She loves to travel abroad and spend time with her husband and daughter.

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Craig Solid

The Information Distiller

With a background in data analysis and value assessment, Craig is able to sort through large amounts of information, identify what is relevant, and create a targeted, specific summary or narrative for a given goal, situation, or audience.

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Stephanie Lambert

The Synthesizer

Bringing a sense of calm competence, deep listening, and an affinity for details, Stephanie transforms conversations and information into actionable intelligence. She is a project manager with a background in data analytics, healthcare communications, and technical writing, with broad experience in the healthcare landscape. 

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Matt Lewis

The Storyteller

A writer, teacher, and storyteller at heart, Matt is an expert in leveraging the power of narrative to create social good, systems change, and in service of leadership development. He is an advocate for the use of story and community building to break down barriers and cultivate meaningful and authentic relation-ships.

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Deb Rose

The Brilliance Facilitator 

Able to see brilliance within and among individuals, Deb’s superpower is facilitating teams to rise to meet the most challenging missions, from nimble projects to large-scale multi-year improvement and innovation initiatives. 

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Laura Barrett

The Insight Connector

Laura loves translating and connecting seemingly disparate information into meaning to elevate project acceleration and team success. She brings project management and social science research skills, and a passion for healthcare improvement to X4. Her superpower is synthesizing and distilling, complex information for innovative solutions.

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Colleen Cannon Boyd

The Coach

Dedicated to the success and overall well-being of her clients, Colleen transforms business by transforming leaders. She forges authentic connections with executives from any discipline and helps them implement a process of assessment, action, and realignment that expands their capacity to manage, motivate and achieve.

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Larry Dressler

The Sage

A trusted confidant and advisor to organizations ranging from Fortune 100 companies to charitable foundations, Larry helps individuals and organizations hold conversations characterized by depth, energy, authenticity, and imagination. His superpower is designing and facilitating break-through conversations that lead to shared commitment, innovation, and impact. 

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Tiffany Erbelding

The Practical Strategist

Tiffany has nearly 20 years of experience creating strategies that improve the lives of others. She blends skills like strategic planning and consensus facilitation with on the ground skills like project management and evaluation. Her passion is to facilitate systems-level change to improve outcomes - particularly for those most impacted by ineffective and inequitable systems.

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Lois Frankel

The Alchemist

A believer in leveraging expertise for the greater good, Lois designs, conducts, and oversees programs. Her superpower is engaging with and listening to stakeholders, partners, and experts, distilling their input, and then applying both her creative instinct and entrepreneurial spirit to craft and implement solutions.

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Pooja Kothari

The Elevating Accelerator

Pooja is a quality improvement and measurement professional dedicated to helping others use data and evidence-based strategies to achieve their goals. She has a passion for managing complex projects, research, providing technical support to clinical and non-clinical professionals, and writing for clinical and general audiences.

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