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Hello, Innovator.

Welcome to X4 Health.


We power creative solutions to problems that matter. Let’s change the health care system together.



We’re all about designing and doing. We design strategies and solutions with passion and precision.


We are also “get stuff done-ers,” backed by a unique approach to project acceleration. Managing complex health care projects in human-connected virtual environments is totally our thing.

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Designing both targeted and large scale innovations, we accelerate practical approaches to a more human-connected, high functioning health system.

From reinventing the provider-patient relationship to modernizing HIPAA forms, we find new ways to get it done.

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Some call it project "management," but we call it project acceleration


Whatever you call it, we take the hard work out of great work. With our network of diverse and talented independent consultants, we help you execute your vision.


Go ahead and leap. We'll be your net. 



Specializing in partnering with patients and families to design health system changes, we prioritize human-centered design methods in our drive to make health care more human-connected. 

From patients to clinicians and health system leaders, we're passionate about ensuring that human experience fuels the creation of solutions that work. 

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Published & Proven

X4 is committed to contributing thought leadership to the health innovation world.

Check out some of our recent pieces and let us know what you think. 

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