What We Do


Social Impact Design

We specialize in patients and families as design partners. 

Highly Tailored

We design based on an in-depth understanding of organizations, teams, trends, culture and priorities.

Teaching you to Fly

We show you everything we know, so you can do the work without us whenever you’re ready. Why do we try and put ourselves out of work? When you’re trying to change the world like we are, creating capacity in others is the only way to achieve human-connected care at scale.

What We Do

We design based on need and experience level. Our phases include Exploring, Visioning, Planning & Intention Setting, and Implementation Support. 



X4 Health Expertise

X4’s passion lies in carving new pathways to a better system, fueled by human connection. We power social impact projects for the short term and the long haul.

Examples of our innovation-related work include:

Community ROCKit


Is your community ready to rock COVID recovery? Community ROCKit is a Resource Organizer for Covid Kit, designed to help communities collaboratively identify and use existing assets to work toward health and economic recovery.


3rd Conversation

What if there was a way to reinvent the patient-clinician relationship and address clinician burnout at the same time? X4 is driving a new national initiative to create human connection and spark deeper systems change.  


It should be easy for patients to access their medical records – right? X4 led a 12-month campaign to shed light on what happens when patients request an electronic version of their medical records using their established legal rights. X4 designed and coordinated the first year of GetMyHealthData, which is now housed in a DC-based advocacy organization.


A tool developed by X4 Health to help health care organizations do a better job at responding to HIPAA records requests with electronic formats. Funded by the Commonwealth Fund, our philosophy was simple: make the right thing to do the easy thing to do for the nation’s health care providers.

Hack the PFAC

The newest member of the X4 innovation family, this proof-of-concept lights a path toward putting Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) online.


Project Acceleration

We take the hard work out of doing great work.

Meeting Management

  • Purposeful design

  • Strategic, action-focused agenda creation

  • Efficient facilitation 

  • Documentation of key decisions, questions, action items 

  • Automated action item reminders to task owners


  • Nimble coordination across distributed teams

  • Automating handoffs where possible

  • Team mapping: building a configurable board of work styles, preferences, and roles across a distributed team


  • Operational and strategic work planning

  • Creating standardized processes anyone can follow 

  • Managing achievement of grant or contract deliverables and documentation



Our past work:


Family Medicine for America's Health

The X4 Health team conducted and reported a project evaluation on a sensitive multi-sponsor initiative.  Their insights and professionalism resulted in a very positive outcome.   A joy to work with!


The Larry Green Center at VCU

The X4 Health team is smart, fully present in every conversation, and worthy of our trust. Whether 10 minutes on the phone, 2 hours in person, or a quick email – every contact we have with the X4 team feels seamless.


Great Plains Quality Innovation Network

X4 Health helped us take a topic we were interested in learning more about (involving patients in Quality Improvement), and turned it into something we are genuinely excited about doing, with inspired and concrete plans. Thank you X4!


Quality Insights

We really enjoyed working with the X4 team and learned so much as they guided us through our patient and family engagement transformation. We now have many accomplishments we are very proud of! 


American College of Cardiology

X4 offers a highly desired and unique combination of subject matter expertise, project management and project acceleration. It’s a relief to have them at our side.  Their energy and patience is inspiring to our teams and ensures the project will not only be complete but top-notch.


Premier Inc.

X4 Health helped our hospitals identify concrete ways to leverage Patient and Family Engagement as a strategy to improve quality, lower costs, and enhance patient experience. Thanks X4 Health!


How We Work


As a purpose-driven organization, our mission is to accelerate human-centered innovation in health care. 

What it means to be purpose-driven:

Our 4 Factors


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As a virtual company, X4 Health works virtually everywhere! We have leaders in the D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. 



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