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Examples of Our Work

Presentation: Our Future: A Deep Dive into the Patient Experience
June 2016

Event: Christine Bechtel presenting at the 2016 ONC Annual Meeting. Video can be found here (segment begins at 9:25). 

Presentation: Precision Medicine
July 2015 

Event: Christine Bechtel presenting at the White House Champions of Change Conference

Interview: Core Concepts in Patient And Family Engagement

July 2014


In an interview with Qualis Health, Christine Bechtel discusses key strategies and concepts in effective patient and family engagement.



Advocacy: Health Information Technologies: How Innovation Benefits Patients
March 2013

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health held a hearing entitled “Health Information Technologies: How Innovation Benefits Patients.”  This hearing focused on how innovative technologies will benefit American patients and what steps need to be taken to foster this innovation.

Christine Bechtel participated in the hearing on behalf of consumers, representing the National Partnership for Women & Families.  Bechtel testified about the federal EHR Incentive Program. its impact on patients and families, and why it is essential to keep up the pace of health IT transformation.

Publication: A New Era of Patient Engagement
February 2013

Event: The journal Health Affairs devoted its entire February issue to the topic of patient and family engagement -- a topic whose profile has skyrocketed in recent years as new models of care like Medical Homes and Accountable Care Organizations seek new ways to successfully engage patient and families.

Along with an all-star list of authors, Christine Bechtel and Jennifer Sweeney of the National Partnership for Women & Families co-authored an article called "Patient and Family Engagement: A Framework for Understanding the Elements and Developing Interventions and Policies."