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Patients Fear Losing Patient-Provider Relationship in PCP Closures

Financial troubles for primary care providers are being keenly felt by patients, with most saying their clinic’s closure would be a disaster for the strong patient-provider relationship so many credit for their wellness, according to the latest from the Primary Care Collaborative, the Larry A. Green Center, and 3rd Conversation.

The week 11 poll tracking the state of primary care throughout the novel coronavirus pandemic looked at both patient and provider sentiment. The survey asked respondents about the risk to primary care and how it has impacted patients, and how it may continue to do so moving forward.

This comes as the financial threat to primary care provider offices draws nearer. As a result of the novel coronavirus, the number of patients visiting primary care has tanked. Per the week eight survey from PCC and the Larry A. Green Center, 70 percent of primary care providers have seen patient volumes decrease.

And as a result, profit margins are shrinking. That same PCC and Larry A. Green Center survey showed that about a fifth of primary care offices are closing, while more are furloughing staff and bleeding profits.

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