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An Open Letter to Health Care Professionals: Thank You and We Get It - Jennifer Sweeney

Updated: May 26, 2020

Dear Health Care Professionals:

We know many of you will be too busy caring for the sick to read this letter but our hope is that if/when you read it, it will lift your spirits and help you understand how grateful we are for you.

We know the Covid-19 pandemic is incredibly difficult on you and your families and perhaps more so as you hear about or see on the news some Americans gathering in public spaces or partying on beaches. In talking with friends, neighbors, and family members around the country, we want you to know that the vast majority of people are doing whatever we can to minimize contact and “flatten the curve”. We truly understand how dire things are and we want you to know: we are in this together with you.

Here’s what friends, neighbors and family members have told us:

  • We know many of you lack the proper gowns and masks to protect yourself from infection. Some of us are working to sew masks and gowns because we know how much you need them.

  • We know you feel isolated and disconnected so we created a Facebook Group focused on providing support and human connection to one another during the pandemic. Please join us there.

  • We know you want to use your skills to be on the front lines battling this pandemic but some of you lack child care. We’re thinking about creative ways to provide care without compromising social distancing.

  • We understand that the lack of Covid-19 testing makes your jobs even harder and increases anxiety about how many patients you may need to care for in the upcoming weeks. We’re calling our health departments and asking how we can help set up and use drive-through testing.

  • We’re reading recent reports that health care professionals may be at greater risk of contracting Covid-19 so we’re emailing, texting and calling our friends, neighbors and family members and urging them to practice social distancing and even self-quarantine to protect themselves you and your colleagues.

  • We know many of you are spending 12+ hour days at the hospital and have had no time to cook. We’re coming together to cook and deliver meals to you.

This is just a small list of the many ways Americans are coming together in this pandemic to do our part and to help you to do yours. Please know we are forever grateful to each of you for risking your own health to care for us.

Love, Jen Sweeney and Your Patients

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