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PFE can accelerate progress on your priorities. From health transformation to quality measures and contract deliverables, we design around what’s really on your radar, and get you where you want to go—faster.

Patient & Family Engagement:

It's the right thing to do. 
But that's not why you should do it.

Highly Tailored Support

Our approach is based on in depth understanding of your organization, team, culture, capacity and priorities.

Teaching You to Fly

We show you everything we know, so you can do the work without us whenever you’re ready. Why do we try and put ourselves out of work? When you’re trying to change the world like we are, creating capacity in others is the only way to achieve person- and family-centered care at scale.


What We Do

Our services are customizable based on need and experience level. Our basic services include Exploring, Visioning, Planning & Intention Setting, and Implementation Support. 


  • Take stock of your past and current patient and family engagement efforts, compare them to industry best practices

  • Understand what worked, what didn’t and why

  • Explore what makes your team tick, how they define and operationalize PFE


  • Develop an organization- or team-wide vision for PFE that helps your team stay true to goals in real time

Planning & Intention Setting

  • Translate your unified vision into concrete strategies and tactics that work for your organization’s culture and resources

  • Design specific programs for task areas, special innovation projects, pilots, and more

  • Develop customized work plans for PFE at the project, task or cross-team/state level

Implementation Support

  • Help you operationalize your PFE plans in the real world

  • Teach your team how to use a “PFE lens” in all their work, to stay true to your PFE vision

  • Access our on-demand coaching and assistance after your efforts have taken flight

Working on Burden Reduction for Clinicians?

Based on our work in the 3rd Conversation, we are also exploring ways to address clinician burnout and well-being. Contact us if you’d like to know more.