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Issues & Services

Patient & Family Engagement

One of the hottest buzzwords in town, no new approach to care delivery can get by without knowing what it means, how it works, and how to operationalize it.  And this isn’t your grandfather’s patient engagement. Today it's about partnership and collaboration – it’s not about compliance or adherence anymore.  Real engagement is rewarding for clinicians, patients and families, and produces concrete results. We use an operational definition of patient- and family-centered care created by consumers themselves, blended with a research-based engagement framework, to help clients applies these concepts to their organizational priorities. From education to planning, implementation to evaluation, we're here to help.


Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH)

The PCMH model of care holds great promise for patients, families, clinicians, and the health system writ large.  Yet the quality and impact of implementations are varied, and there is risk patients will not embrace this model of care as many hope.  It will be essential to understand what patients and families genuinely want from primary care, blend those needs with the ideal way clinicians want to practice medicine and create payment models that support both.  A central strategy for achieving lasting change will be inviting patients and families to play leadership roles in PCMH design, implementation and evaluation. We help clients understand how these concepts translate into improved practice and broader stakeholder support. 

Health Information Technology

Today, the vast majority of hospitals and doctors now have electronic health records (EHRs).  Ensuring health IT, including EHRs, is deployed and used in ways that benefit patients, families and providers is instrumental to the success of future models of care and payment.  We help innovative providers to partner with patients and families to assure success, and we serve as consumer advisors to provider IT efforts.  We advise on health IT policy matters based on more than a decade of experience and relationships, and we build successful national campaigns in areas like helping patients get their health data. 


Health Care Quality


Quality measurement and improvement s the bedrock of new payment models that align incentives for coordinated, person-and family-centered care.  Quality measures can support system change by providing a real-time feedback loop for clinicians and patients, and, when linked to payment, making the right thing to do, the rewarding thing to do. But patients must be co-creators of quality improvement. We help organizations identify, recruit and partner with patients, families and consumer organizations in QI projects, including vulnerable and hard-to-reach patients.

Shaping Health Policy

Effective advocacy requires partnership with a wide range of public and private sector individuals and organizations.  It relies on a foundation of relationship building, detailed knowledge of the key issues, and an ability to find solutions that are both realistic and forward-thinking.  We help organizations understand how consumers view policy issues, and shape policy by working with the Administration, Congress, and the media, as well as by serving on boards and bodies. Clients can engage us to develop and lead national campaigns, or as advisors on our areas of expertise. 


We develop strategies that enable clients to engage patients, families and consumer representatives in all facets of health care improvement. Regardless of population type or strategic priority, we help you do your best work in collaboration with patients and families. 


We coach and develop new and emergent leaders in the field of patient and family engagement, consumer advocacy and executive leadership. 

Strategic Development

We help clients create issue campaigns, lead improvement initiatives, develop effective management strategies and produce results.